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W&T Global Services is constantly advancing to overcome the new demands of unconventional horizontal oil wells which present greater challenges, and as a service company we are up to the challenge.

W&T Global Services was created to supply solid separation and control units, we have equipment that meets the quality control standards and safety standards established for the oil and gas industry, always creating a commitment to greater service excellence and supporting our clients in the development of their production and cost reduction.

Moreover W&T Global Services is also dedicated to the oil and gas industry procurement, we are committed to work with a huge range of suppliers worldwide to meet our customer’s requirements; our staffs is trained to take self-importance and responsibility to find your products making sure they meet your quality standards and technical specifications. W&T is also connected and combined with more than 10 freight companies in the USA, This integration allows our clients to order and purchase any of their products or requirements through one entity allowing us to take care of the complete process from purchasing to delivery acting as a turnkey project.

For a decade, upstream operations have undergone enormous changes.

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